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About Us: our story

This is our story about the origins of “the best kava” -where you can read about who we are and why we do what we do.

I ask that you please excuse me if I come across as being passionate when writing about kava. The fact is – I am!

If you live in Vanuatu or have lived there, chances are you know me. Also, you may be aware of my history in the kava industry there. Either way, I shall shed a little bit of light on my involvement with kava.

Part of my history dates back to my first visit to Vanuatu in 1997. It was then that I was first introduced to kava and was immediately smitten – by its cultural use and its effects.

In fact I was so enamoured with the cultural aspect of life in Vanuatu, my wife and I became very regular visitors there. That is, until we decided to invest in some oceanfront property there in 2004 and moving there in 2005.

Consequently, it was whilst living in Vanuatu that I became friends with the owner of “The Kava Emporium” – Cameron Mcleod.

Out of this friendship came the opportunity to work with Cam – a man I came to respect and trust implicitly. Importantly, I also learned a great deal about the industry – from manufacturing, production, wholesale and retail perspectives. All of which proved to be immensely valuable both whilst I was In Vanuatu as well as upon my return to Australia.

By the way, Cameron is now the Founder and Owner of Australia Kava Shop, based on the Gold Coast.

For the Australian market, we source all our kava from them. The reasons for choosing them as our suppliers are simple. Ergo – their kava is top quality (all their Kava has been certified as noble variety and microbial tested by the country-of-origin governments). Also, with competitive pricing and prompt delivery features, their service is first-class.


My name is Phil Manhire and I am the CEO and Founder of The Best Kava site (that you are now viewing), along with seven other kava related enterprises. And “Yes” – I am an Australian. I spent over a decade living in Vanuatu. While doing all the travel mentioned above, I fell in love with Vanuatu and everything about the place.

To be more specific, I came to love the “social tonic” aspect of drinking kava. That is, several days a week, I would visit one of my favourite nakamals (“meeting place”). In essence, I quickly came to looking forward to my kava sessions – with friends and strangers alike. It was there that I also learned even more about kava and the difference between good drinking kava and “krap drinking kava” (more on that another time).

So, the bottom line is, as mentioned earlier, we are passionate about our kava. For that reason, we wish to “share the love” with you.

And so it is that, we wish to ensure that all kava drinkers in Australia have the best drinking kava available to them – no matter where they live!

Ah yes – a little something else for you. Some folks just can’t get around the taste of kava in its raw/traditional state. After all, it does taste somewhat like a mix of grass and dirt with a taste that’s often as subtle as a Red-Bellied Black snake in your toilet bowl! So, to overcome this, we’ve got some awesome kava recipes for kava cocktails on our “sister” site. Check them out here.

With that in mind, our really good news is that we deliver to anywhere in Australia. 

Subsequently, we dedicate ourselves to providing you with the highest quality “noble” kava varieties at a competitive price. So, now that you’ve learned a bit more about who we are ….

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