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What Don't You Know About Instant Kava?


Theories abound on where kava originated. Suffice to say, Kava is an ancient plant with a rich cultural and spiritual history going back thousands of years. It has been a part of many cultures all around the world for centuries, used both as a relaxant and a ceremonial drink. The South Pacific Islands are the largest producers of this wonderful herb, which they grow in 100% organic conditions. That is – no fertilisers, no pesticides and no herbicides.

Recently, kava has seen an explosion in popularity in the Western world in particular, due to increasing demand for stress relief from modern life pressures. This same popularity is increasingly evident here in Australia, for instance.

What follows in this article, is a closer look at instant kava in particular and explore why it is quickly gaining favor among kava users. We shall also discuss what it is that sets our instant kava apart from other brands. Naturally, this is designed to help you make an informed decision on which type of kava is right for you and your lifestyle.

On top of that, we shall also answer these questions:
🤔 What is instant kava?
🤔 How does it work?
🤔 What makes our instant kava unique, and…
🤔 Why would I choose our instant kava over other brands?

By the end of this article, you will know exactly why instant kava has become so popular and why our kava is the best choice.

Instant Kava - The Social Drink for All Ages!

What is instant kava?

The first and most important thing to understand is the difference between “real” instant kava and “so-called” instant kava.

Ours is made from dehydrated green kava juice. Others touted as being instant kava are often just micronised kava. This type is normal kava powder that has been ground to a very fine powder, however, your stomach still needs to do all the hard work in getting the kavalactones out of it through the digestion process. Not so with ours!

The process of making Instant Kava requires the use of only natural ingredients to produce a beverage that is safe and healthy for consumers.

Parasul Kava Babies by Joseph Brun at Bruns KavaOurs is made with premium kava root, that is, noble kava varieties only. It’s 100% organic and GMO-free, providing customers with a healthy, natural alternative to coffee and other energy drinks. Moreover, for many people, it has proven to be a great alternative to alcohol. One of the compelling reasons for this is the fact that with kava, you don’t get hangovers (unlike alcohol). 

The traditional way of brewing kava requires a lengthy process that often results in a bitter flavor, which some people find off-putting. With our Instant Kava, this process is simplified, so that you can enjoy the full flavor and experience of kava without the long wait. In fact, it’s as easy as making a cup of coffee.

Instant Kava solves the biggest problem with kava – the preparation time! In fact, it’s often referred to as the “10-second kava“.When you buy instant kava, it’s as simple as putting a half teaspoon in a shaker or in your glass of water, stir for 10 seconds and drink!  VOILA! There you have it!


Some time ago, I discovered that if you let it stand for about 10 minutes after mixing, it makes your mix that much more potent! Try it – it works!

Actually – not quite. Instant kava is also perfect for making Kava cocktails and kava smoothies. Check out the abundance of kava recipes right here! YUM!

How does instant kava work?

Drinking Kava in AustraliaIn addition to the natural ingredients, our Instant Kava also uses unique extraction processes to ensure the highest quality and potency. This unique technique combined with the natural ingredients produces a Kava that is full of flavor with maximum potency.

Kava has been a mainstay of the South Pacific for centuries, and now it’s finally made its way to Australia. Our instant kava is made from 100% organic kava root sourced from Vanuatu. It’s made using an aqueous extract process, not distasteful alcohol, or chemical extraction. It is soluble in water, with only the same effort as stirring a coffee required!

What makes our instant kava unique? 

Packet of instant kava and fruit in a bowl on tableThe principals and team members of The Best Kava and Australia Kava Shop have a combined kava industry experience in excess of 40 years. Australia Kava Shop is our supplier of choice. Reasons? Product quality, pricing, personal service and reliability.

During this period, our kava expertise has been honed to a fine art due to our involvement in product development, manufacturing, wholesale (including exporting) and retailing. We came to learn the good, the bad and the ugly side of the industry. I might add that we also became rather passionate about only drinking quality kava ourselves.

By quality kava, I mean kava which is made from the very best noble variety strains – essential for healthy drinking.

And … why would I choose our instant kava over other brands?

Pretty simple, really. given our experience, our passion for quality kava products and a genuine desire to help people with anxiety, stress or insomnia issues, we can guarantee that our kava is of the highest quality obtainable in Australia. Furthermore, we back this up with the assurance that ALL our kava is properly certified at both ends of the supply chain. That is, by the relevant Authorities in the country of export (Vanuatu and Fiji) as well as the Authorities here in Australia. Our certifications are always available to you here.


QUALITY is the defining difference between our instant kava and others. By that, I am not only referring to our top-of-the-shelf kava products but also our extremely efficient delivery service and our willingness to discuss your kava needs at any time. You can readily get in touch with us here.