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What - You've Never Tried Kava?

You've Never Tried Kava Because Kava is a Mystery to You?

Then let’s see if we can clear the air on some of its features. Here, we shall work on dispelling any myths you may have heard about it.
“It tastes like muddy water!” You may have heard this phrase bandied about OR even experienced the kava taste yourself. Actually, quality kava can be quite palatable (especially the Instant Kava).
The same holds true for some of the blended kava strains available. For instance, the Vanuatu Natural Kava, Fiji Harmony Kava and Tonga’s Moana Premium Kava are shining examples of this!
Still, for those with more ‘delicate’ taste buds, check out these delicious kava “mocktail” recipes.
The main things to know about kava are these facts which should help to resolve the “kava mystery”:
1) It’s non-alcoholic. So, unlike alcohol, you can get your “buzz” without suffering a hangover afterwards;
2) Grown from a plant (Piper Methysticum) in the Pacific Islands and in particular, Vanuatu, Fiji and Tonga, kava is totally organic. As such, no fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides are needed or used in its growing. As we know, it’s only the roots that are used for the production of kava that’s suitable for drinking;
3) Did you know that just as there can be “bad booze”, “krap kava” also exists? Indeed, what I’m referring to here is what is often called “tu-dei” (two-day) kava. This is kava (often bush kava) that is produced from the above-ground stem, instead of from the roots only.
So, just as I do, it’s vital that when you’re drinking kava, that it’s Noble Variety strains. Reputable kava dealers will ONLY sell this kind. Moreover, like we do, our kava is properly certified in the country of origin as well as here in Australia. In fact, we even publish our certification results.
Moreover, here are two links to other kava sources of information that will help you in understanding more about kava.
That is – one is the link to “Kava in Australia” with the other being a blog post at “Feeling Stressed? Can’t Sleep?“.
So, hopefully, our brief article here has cleared up some of the mystery surrounding kava.
Nevertheless, please feel welcome to call me at any time (Phil) on 0452 144 476 with any queries that you might have.

Drinking kava is a great way to REDUCE STRESS and EASE ANXIETY. Additionally, it can also help you with sleeping issues.

For example, a significant number of people experience stress about flying. The solution is to drink kava prior to boarding and/or even once on board (best done by using Instant Kava as it only takes a quick 10 seconds to prepare). By the way, when I’m embarking on a long-haul flight, I take kava as it helps me to relax and sleep on the plane.


Kava is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to alcohol. Doing so means no more hangovers plus huge benefits from a social viewpoint and relationship improvement perspective.

Click on the image below to learn more.

Make the move away from alcohol

It would be easy for me to go on and on about the benefits of kava. You see, I am passionate about it. I know what it’s done for me and for others around me.

To cut to the chase, here’s a summary of benefits instead:

1: Improved Relationships

Connecting Through Calmness
By replacing alcohol with kava, individuals can experience a newfound sense of calmness that radiates into their relationships. 

Image of couple sleeping soundly2: Enhanced Sleep Quality by Quitting Alcohol .. with Kava

Restful Nights, Energised Days
Quality sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, and kava plays a vital role in promoting restful nights compared to the disruptive effects of alcohol. 

Image of young man feeling the pain of an alcohol hangover3: No More Hangovers – Easy by Quitting Alcohol .. with Kava

Waking Up Refreshed
One of the most apparent advantages of transitioning from alcohol to kava is the absence of dreaded hangovers. Waking up refreshed and revitalised without the physical and mental aftermath of alcohol consumption can be truly liberating. 

Image of young woman sitting on bed whilst in pain4: Reduced Aches and Pains

Pain-Free Living
Kava’s natural properties offer relief from physical discomfort and inflammation, providing a holistic approach to wellness. Be it post-workout soreness or general aches, kava can become a trusted companion in alleviating these discomforts. 

Image of handsome guy in gym relaxing with kava after workout with caption UNLEASH THE POWER of Vanuatu Natural Kava

Don't Rely on Alcohol - Drink Instant Kava Instead

It's The Social Drink for All Ages!

So – What is instant kava?

The first and most important thing to understand is the difference between “real” instant kava and “so-called” instant kava.

Ours is made from dehydrated green kava juice. Others touted as being instant kava are often just micronised kava. This type is normal kava powder that has been ground to a very fine powder, however, your stomach still needs to do all the hard work in getting the kavalactones out of it through the digestion process. Not so with ours!

It’s 100% organic and GMO-free, providing customers with a healthy, natural alternative to coffee and other energy drinks, as well as being a great alternative to alcohol. 

The traditional way of brewing kava requires a lengthy process that often results in a bitter flavor, which some people find off-putting. With our Instant Kava, this process is simplified, so that you can enjoy the full flavor and experience of kava without the long wait. In fact, it’s as easy as making a cup of coffee.

Instant Kava solves the biggest problem with kava – the preparation time! In fact, it’s often referred to as the “10-second kava“.When you buy instant kava, it’s as simple as putting a half teaspoon in a shaker or in your glass of water, stir for 10 seconds and drink!  VOILA! There you have it!


Some time ago, I discovered that if you let it stand for about 10 minutes after mixing, it makes your mix that much more potent! Try it – it works!

Actually – not quite. Instant kava is also perfect for making Kava cocktails and kava smoothies. Check out the abundance of kava recipes right here! YUM!

It is soluble in water, with only the same effort as stirring a coffee required!


QUALITY is the defining difference between our instant kava and others. By that, I am not only referring to our top-of-the-shelf kava products but also our extremely efficient delivery service and our willingness to discuss your kava needs at any time. You can readily get in touch with us here.