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Simply the World’s Best Kava

Want to Buy The Best Kava in Australia?

Click on the image below to take you straight to the Kava Shop

Map of Australia with link to For Australian residents, by clicking on this image you will be taken to site. There, you will be able to purchase your choice of kava powders, instant kava and kava accessories.

You will even be offered a discount of 10% on your first order! That’s on top of any other discounts being applied to individual kava products.

Shortcut - Do you already know which country's kava you want?

For the best kava from Fiji or Vanuatu, click on one of the images below

UPDATE: We are awaiting the arrival of kava from Tonga. If you would like to be notified upon its arrival, go to Moana Premium Tonga Kava and register your notification interest.

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